Rabu, 4 Julai 2012

A Japanese and insha-Allah


One of my study partners is a Japanese guy.

This young man is very hard-working. Well, most Japanese are, I believe!

Yesterday, this guy really made a point for me to appreciate my deen more than anything else.

He was asking me about the phrase 'insha-Allah'.

He heard (and read) me saying 'insha-Allah' every time we talk so he read a book about the phrase itself.

What the fishhhhh???

A Japanese guy who doesn't believe in God, has no religion and no faith - did some research about a simple phrase rarely used by most muslims nowadays?

Are you kidding me???

I was crying like a baby! Errrr... Like a cute one, by the way! Aha.

He said from the reading materials he has read, he thinks 'insha-Allah' means two things:

One - God bless
Two - Maybe (for something that has not been done)

Slightly right, right?

Fuh. I'm sweating!

How do I explain about the precious phrase?

What's the best way?

So I made several sentences to portray the situations that we can say insha-Allah.

"Lets meet tomorrow?"
"OK, insha-Allah."

"Do you think you can do it?"
"Yes, I can, insha-Allah!"

"Please remember to take your medicine, so that you'll stay healthy."
"I will, insha-Allah."

"Can you come to my wedding ceremony? Please come!"
"I'm not sure, but I'll try to be there, insha-Allah."

"This is very hard for me, but I'll survive, insha-Allah."

So forth.

God willing.

Then, he made me cry, again.

"It's a deep phrase!"


Yes, indeed.

Ya Allah, grant this guy your hidayah. Please.

And thank you. For making me a muslim, since I was born.

It's been a bless, for sure! Alhamdulillah!

Islam - so precious!

If a Japanese who knows nothing about Islam can actually appreciate the phrases thought by our prophet pbuh, why not us?

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