Jumaat, 20 Julai 2012

Excuse me, here's a question if you don't mind?

In the name of Him.

Here's a serious question for you (and specially for me) to ponder upon...

You have been granted the pleasure of visiting the holy lands of Makkah, Madinah and maybe even Baitulmaqdis. You are amazingly beautiful covering up your aurah, performing daily prayers and even reciting the Quran tremendously well.

You embrace Islam, crying at the raudhah and multazam knowing how much the Almighty loves you. You know He is with you, always. You often make du'a for yourself and for the people you love. You were living a life of a grateful pious Muslim.

And then you went back home.

Not covering your aurah anymore. Do not really perform your prayer. Do not even bother to say du'a or salam. 

The question is... Don't you realize that our Creator, The Most Merciful The Most Beneficent Allah subhanawataala is there at home, too?

So what's up with the different life styles? What makes you think it's okay to expose your body and not performing your solah at home?


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