Sabtu, 31 Ogos 2013

A Malaysian in Japan: Happy 56th Merdeka!

Dengan nama Allah...

Dear Malaysia,

I was born in your heart, lived in various parts of you since I was small, and left you last year. I haven't seen you since then.

You are a part of the reasons I am here in Japan. Funny though, because years ago the Japanese actually invaded you, and occupied you. How can we not remember the year 1941? How can we forget the tortures and abuses committed by the Japanese to the civilians at that time? And I am now here in Japan, far away from you.

I love Japan, but I love you even more. I love the fact that in you, my friends are not only Malays, but also the Chinese and Indians, and even some other ethnics. And we can all eat nasi lemak, yong tau fu and thosai sitting at the same table and even sharing the food. We can see a mosque, a church and a temple being built next to each other. We can see signboards written in Malay language, English, Chinese, and even Tamil. Too many precious things for me to list here anyway!

I am still a Malaysian - a proud one, regardless where I am right now. Japan may be the best country in the world, but not to me. You are still my number one.

I miss you, dear Malaysia.

Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!
31st August 2013 - 56 years and still counting insha-Allah.

Merdeka Alhamdulillah!

Yours truly,
A Malaysian in Tokyo, Japan
(and Lil Tetsu)

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